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The EMTRAC system tracks vehicle positions and progress as they travel through their routes. As vehicles move along these routes, they enter pre-defined detection zones and transmit data via secure FHSS radio to appropriate wayside detectors and/or initiate an on-board function.

EMTRAC LRV and Streetcar Virtual Detection System for Surface and Subway

Improving mass transit in and around major cities is a nationwide priority as most regions have plans to add or expand light rail vehicle (LRV) and streetcar systems. Traditionally these systems are expensive and cost prohibitive to design, install, operate, and maintain. The high cost of adding and maintaining infrastructure using traditional methods is forcing rail agencies to look for innovative ways to accomplish their goals at economical prices.

Set your sights on a solution: the EMTRAC system.

The EMTRAC system is an extremely powerful and reliable virtual loop detection system that utilizes the technological advances of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) along with dead reckoning to provide track specific features in subways and on the surface that will reduce design, installation, operating, and maintenance costs for non-vital signal elements on LRV and streetcar systems.

Non-vital elements include, but are not limited to:

- Rail-worker safety
- TWC (track warrant control)
- Rail priority (rail transit signal priority and pre-emption)
- AVL (automatic vehicle location)
- Speed zone monitoring and alarms
- Reverse running

The EMTRAC system eliminates the need for embedded loops in the trackway and reduces the need for other wayside detection equipment. The EMTRAC system replaces at least 15 different components of traditional train and wayside hardware. This is done by creating detection zones, which are defined by GPS coordinates and allow system data to be sent only when pre-defined conditions (such as position, speed, and direction) are met. The potential cost savings is significant.

Detection zones have many uses, can be placed anywhere, can be any size, can be used as often as desired, and can be easily moved or changed based on current needs. Detection zones can be used as an overlay to existing detection methods and/or used as direct replacement of optical and inductive TWC systems. The EMTRAC system has unmatched detection capabilities that requires no costly loops or switches to install or maintain, and it accurately reports vehicle positions in adverse weather conditions and urban-canyon environments.